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We have more than 10 years of experience in the provision of cloud services, currently our technology platform guarantees and supports transactions of companies and entities in the sectors Builder, Real Estate, Solidarity, Commercial and Services complying with all the legal and commercial requirements of the national territory.

These are some of the companies that use Kepler ERP, some of them in their real estate projects or allied projects and others in the management of their company in general or Points of Sale.


This is a small summary of the modules that make up our platform, if you want more information we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors.

Marketing (CRM)

Module oriented to the management of clients allowing to maximize their opportunities of business consolidation. It allows executives and business force of your company to maintain a wide interaction with customers. The recording of follow-ups and subsequent commitments in both prospects and clients allows maximizing business opportunities and control over their business force regardless of the geographic space where they carry out their work.

Some of the functions of this module are: registration of prospectuses, registration of follow-ups, generation of quotes and sending of the same via email, administration of tasks and commitments.


Module aimed at substantially increasing the efficiency of the sales force in your company. Some of the functions of this module are: Management of the information of its clients without limit of fields, Clients by zones and advisor, Management of branches of the client, Assignment of lists of prices and/or Advisor by client, Creation and administration of orders (Purchase Orders), Packing Lists, Referrals (Shipment), Unlimited Number of Price Lists.

Mobile Vendor (App)

Some of the functions of this App are: Commercial Route Management or TaT, Admin customer data, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Portfolio Query, Inventory Query.

Point of Sale System (POS)

Module oriented to Points of Sale, allows the registration of sales type POS, allows the use of resolutions POS, computer or even electronic, our system POS is an application independent of the web platform, which allows us to ensure a fast service to the final customer, both the application and the database that manages the information are housed on the same computer where the registration is made, however it has processes of synchronization of information of last technology allowing to maintain integrated the information between the ERP and the application POS.


Module aimed at providing absolute control over the billing processes and dispatches in your company, Some of the functions of this module are: Control of several billing resolutions at the same time regardless of type (computer, electronics, POS), discrimination of taxed and exempt products on the same invoice, packing lists, unlimited number of price lists, several dispatches on the same invoice, third party and own income on the same invoice, pre-invoices, automatic calculation of Rete Fuente, Rete IVA, Rete ICA, price calculation before and/or after IVA, automatic and online update of portfolio and inventory, negative invoice and production order automation, returns on sales, multi-currency, invoicing on credit and installments, mass invoicing, Debit Notes and Sales Credit, Handling of advances both at the time of billing and at the time of the preparation of the cash receipt.


Module aimed at controlling the financial and liability management of your company, properly control your cash flow, schedule payments and disbursements in a simple and efficient manner; Some of the functions of this module are: Export of movements to any accounting package (via webservice or flat files), Control by cost centers, automation via accounting concepts, bank reconciliation, general cash and petty cash management, Causations, Equivalent Documents, Payment Orders, Expenses, Debit and Credit Notes in Purchases, Notes of Adjustment and Transfers of funds, Handling of advances both at the time of the causation and the discharge.


This module provides timely and accurate account status information for each customer allowing efficient management of the revenue in your company. Some of the functions of this module are: Definition of maturity ranges, Generation of information for tax purposes, Simple payment receipts, Portfolio and Multi-nit payment receipts, Management of responsible and beneficiary in cash receipts, Portfolio Statement of account, State of account third party, Management of commissions for sale and collection, Interest for late payment, Discounts for early payment, Management of retentions and higher values paid, Quota of credit client. 


Module oriented to the liquidation of commissions of both internal and external advisors, some of the functions of this module are: Control of compliance with sales goals, Payment according to recovery of percentage portfolio or in pesos, procedures and specific dates, partial or total settlements, settlements by date ranges, partial or total disbursements.


This module allows the sending of mass communications to prospects or customers, Some of the functions of this module are: Generation of simple communications type HTML, plain text and enriched or multimedia text, Generation of communications with dynamic fields type HTML, plain text and rich or multimedia text, Habeas Data Filter in shipments (only allows sending communications to habeas data certified contacts), HTML template management, Days and Hours Control, Bounce Rate Control, Sending and Opening, Number of Openings with Trace Control (IP, date, time), Instant Opening Notification (our platform alerts you the moment your recipient opens the communication).


Through this module our ERP can keep you, your officials and your final customers informed of events that occurred within the operation, the system is able to report among others the following events: Registration in corporate database (sending welcome email with presentation of the project and other attachments), registration and traceability habeas data, Sending quotation, Alert close prospectus for lack of tracking (Ideal to control sales force), pending tasks on the system, Notification of default, Notification of payment received, Notification of payment schedule, Notification of disbursed payment, Reminder of payment, Warning of default (CxC, CxP), Among others... In addition, the system is capable of periodic and automatically , reports, these are some of the available reports: Company Status, Billing Report, CxC, CxP, Current and Expired Portfolio.


Module oriented to the control of their inventories considering if it is raw material, product in process or finished product, this depending on the way of work and type of their company providing absolute control over their inventories; Some of the functions of this module are: Multiple warehouses, Transfers, Valuation of inventory, Registration of entrances and exits of winery taking into account the recipient (Customer, Supplier, Third, Maquila, Production), Merchandise Reserves, Transporter Registry, Record of returns in purchases and in sales, Control of negative stocks, Reorder point and Stock security of each product, Expected and real profitability index of each product, Line Management, Subline, Lot and Brand of each product, Individualization or serialization of each unit of product, Third Party Handling (Supplier, Conveyor) in the capture of inventory (Entry and Exit), Control of product parts (cutting), Several warehouses by branch or independent, Supplier Effectiveness Control, Purchase and Receipt Order Control, Return Handling, Pending and Available according to existing orders on platform.


Module oriented to the control of their inventories through multiple warehouses, large warehouses or third party inventory management this depending on the way of work and type of their company providing absolute control over own or third party inventories, warehouses, operators, suppliers and conveyors; designed to control large-scale inventories; Some of the functions of this module are: Control of large warehouses (High, Wide, Bottom, Levels), Control of locations with restrictions (Volume, weight and sectorization), Location inactivation, Control of Storage Restrictions on Items, Implosions and Explosions (Unpack / Kit), Supplier Management, Delivery Time Control, Label and Guide Generation, Enlistment Orders (Picking), Order-to-Order Route, Consolidated routes, Return control with re-enlistment.

Interfaces WebService:

This module allows you to connect our ERP with your website and/or landing page of each product line or similar, provides an embedded form on your website, in this way when someone registers this leaflet will instantly reach the ERP; can additionally be used to connect your social networks and digital guidelines such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.