Solutions for each sector

Count on us, a Software designed for
comply with the needs of each company.

Solutions for each sector

Software Electronic Invoicing

Kepler ERP meets all the requirements laid down by the DIAN for the publication of electronic invoices, when using our ERP or our Webservice integration to your current software will be able to issue electronic invoices easily, we have 20 pre-designed formats ready to be used, issue invoices with or without internet connection.

Software Construction Sector

Kepler ERP has modules specialized in management, sales, paperwork and portfolio management of real estate projects on plans, is a widely configurable solution, designed and designed for the construction and technical sector with development standards that allow easily the incorporation of customizations, features that enable us to ensure that the platform can be efficiently incorporated into any corporate workflow.

Software Real Estate Sector

Kepler ERP has modules specialized in the administrative processes of your real estate business, with our platform the management of lease, administration and brokerage contracts is simple and efficient.

Our platform allows you to manage in an agile way, all the clients, tenants, owners, suppliers, contacts, real estate agents and employees.

Software retail sector - Point of Sale Systems (POS)

Kepler ERP has modules to control retail store operations by integrating core business processes such as point of sale (POS), inventory management.

By implementing our platform your company will be able to reduce costs and maximize competitive advantage, within the immediate benefits are the following:

  • Real-time visibility of all your business information at all locations no matter where they are located geographically.
  • Elimination of frequent maintenance and integration costs.
  • Increased productivity through the elimination of duplicate efforts and conflicts between responsibilities.
  • Reduction of investments for duplicate data management.
  • More efficient communication between departments, resulting in more harmonious operations.
  • Simplifying training for new or new employees.

Software Manufacturing sector

Kepler ERP is a platform developed by Colombians for Colombian companies, our platform through its different modules will help you to reduce manufacturing costs while at the same time you will be able to satisfactorily meet the demands of your customers.

Our platform has a specially developed module to manage and control the production department in your company, generating significant reductions in costs, increasing efficiency and control in each process whether internal or external while allowing you to keep your inventories up to date and generate traceability of the entire process at any time.

With the use of our platform you will have the opportunity to make decisions more quickly and with reliable information in real time.

Software sector Solidary

Kepler ERP integra dentro de sus soluciones una herramienta confiable y sencilla de usar  que ofrece a las asociaciones sin ánimo de lucro soportar sus operaciones,  permitiendo un servicio ágil y oportuno que responde satisfactoriamente a los intereses y necesidades de los asociados en temas como créditos, ahorros y auxilios  exequiales.

Contar con nuestra plataforma le permitirá estar al día con las tareas esenciales para su organización, ya que es un vehículo para materializar los servicios ofrecidos a los asociados.