Software Construction Sector

Count on us, a Software designed for
comply with the needs of each project.
Prospectus and customer database management

of 30% in the odds of

business closures on future projects,
through second sales.

Prospectus and customer database management

Reduction of 90% leaking information
from prospects and customers.

Effective measurement in advertising media

Effective measurement in advertising media
adequate, generating a increase
of 70% in the return on investment.

Generation of documents online

Agility in the preparation and digital delivery
of documents, reduction in 99%
errors in the diligence.

efficient price list control

Automatic duplication, generating a decrease
at the time of drawing up price
lists up to 80% preventing losses caused
by closures with lists not in force.

Business control at every step

Alerts at each point or step of
the negotiation, generating reductions
up to 70% in reproaches.
Use our "Web Quoter", your prospects
can quote directly on your Landing Page
and our platform will take care of the rest.

Kepler simplifies the complexities of the real estate deal.

Kepler real estate is an integrated technological platform specializing in the management and sales of real estate projects on plans.

It is a widely configurable solution, designed and designed for the real estate sector and technified with development standards that easily allow the incorporation of customizations and future developments, features that allow us to ensure that the platform can be incorporated Efficient to any corporate workflow.






Customer service

Post Sales

Visitor log

Serve your end customer in real time directly in the sales room, manage and quantify your referrals from the first contact.

Buyer profile

Capture all the information you think is convenient and store it directly in your corporate database.


Generate, and print as many quotes as you require according to the needs of your customer, resume or consult previous quotes, all from the same place.


Keep the status and tracking record of your prospects up to date.

BD of prospectuses

Resume closed prospects for any reason, assign a new advisor and generate new business opportunities.


Schedule appointments, reminders, meetings, to-dos, and link them directly to a particular business or customer.


Commercial report, effectiveness of means, effectiveness of visits, list of visitors, origin of visitors, list of prospectuses, statistics, sales room, etc.

Business closures

Get back to a current quote, pre-sale, verify, approve, and generate the documents needed to close the business, all in one place.

Sales vs Discounts

Control the maximum value of discount allowed by advisor, Know the effect of financial and commercial discounts that are granted.

Full control

Control business closure through approvals, automatically control inventory, manage different price lists by assigning checks, all without leaving your office and on the same platform.

Business changes

Generate real estate changes, assignments, renegotiations and withdrawals, without losing the details and generating historical for future analysis.

Manage your Returns

Receive used properties in part of payment, agree the date of receipt and start your sale process within the same platform.


List of pre-sales, general list of sales, detail of customers, detail of sales, sales with reforms or additional, sales vs discounts, etc.


Design paperwork templates according to your current and future needs with the ability to manage multiple templates; Data links automatically from other modules, avoiding re-fingering and possible errors.


Customization of the template of paperwork per property , for both new and used properties.


Follow the steps of each property, write notes and special observations for each process and for each property , generating invaluable historical data.


Apply follow-ups and schedule start-ups or completion of paperwork, schedule reminders and pending tasks to multiple properties at the same time.

Report generator

Design your own reports, all according to your corporate requirements.


Clients in each process, executive summary of processing, paperwork per property and all those that you design through the report generator.

Statement of accounts

Check online statements, verify the application of subscriptions, interest collection and other charges, send account statements to your end customer via email.

Interest and Discounts

Create your own interest and discount policies, indicating number of days, minimum value and rates.

Legalization of Used

Receive used and apply the payment when you consider it in accordance with the existing legalization processes within your company.

charging interest

Allow the platform to automatically calculate and apply default interest at the time of recording payments taking into account the implied default or assign them yourself according to the specific case.


Monthly payment flow, consolidated monthly flow, agreed instalments summary, current and matured portfolio consolidated, current and matured portfolio detailed, credited payments made, clients with balance in favor, etc.


Generate communications to your current customers, using HTML or text-only formats.


Allow your end customers to ask questions, place complaints or claims through your website.

Progress of Work

Keep your end customer up to date with photos and videos of the work advances.

Online payment

Allow your end customer to pay the agreed fee or extra passes directly from your website, via PSE or other payment gateway providers.

Data update

Allow your customer to update data directly from your website.

Document delivery

Allow your end customer to print extracts, statements and other documents.


General purpose statistic, document generation statistic, work progress visualization statistic, PQRs statistic.


Register and track your end customer’s requirements from claim initiation to completion of repair.


Record your customers' requests, schedule technical visits and sort out possible repairs.


Distribute the costs of repairs according to your discretion.


Assign responsibility for the required repairs and follow up accordingly.


List of after sales in process, List of attended after sales, List of detailed repairs, summary of repairs by supplier, Etc.

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